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DON'T PANIC: Space. The Final Frontier. In a rather unremarkable arm of the Milky Way galaxy, there is a mostly harmless planet called Earth, and there is a small trade post station labelled with the rather curious number "47". This is an X-treme adventure: An elite unit coming back from the future through a shiny portal is the last best hope for... well, at least one hope for fans of Science Fiction and Star Trek series and movies to get some merchandise they may enjoy. We are boldly going to some conventions, running booths and this online shop.

Who and What We Are

KaiRo and Cupro on Transporter PadKaiRo and Cupro on Transporter Pad

Trade Post 47 - which we always depict in our minds as a small space station - has been founded in 2023 by two geeks and Sci-Fi fans living in Eastern Austria. KaiRo and Cupro found that on Comic Cons and similar events in Central Europe, you won't find a lot of merchandise of TV and movie science fiction, while a lot of visitors are fans of those "universes" and even booths of fan groups are usually present. We even realized that it's also hard to find those products online, as there are very few shops specialized in that area, and in more generalized stores it's hard to find the products next to the sheer overwhelming amount of Comics, Fantasy and other articles listed.

So, we set out to change that situation and create an online shop and convention booths where science fiction merchandise is front and center. If people are looking for products based on Star Trek, Alien, Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Stargate, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Terminator and similar shows, we have them, or at least we'll try to list a lot of what we can get for those science fiction TV/movie "universes" - though we also include some adjacent areas, like products related to real science and space exploration or for shows like "The Big Bang Theory" which is about scientists who are big sci-fi fans and geeks themselves - just like we are.

All that said, we are starting small, so if you are interested in other kinds of products than we have listed right now, or in universes we don't have in our shop at this time, let us know, check back often - and subscribe to our newsletter! We definitely will expand our collection, and try to find items even for shows where not much is available, esp. if we know that there's some demand for those.

In addition, you can follow our social channels to be informed of any news as they happen:

What's With the 47?

Wikipedia points out that at Pomona College, after a student project and "a false mathematical proof that 47 was equal to all other integers", a meme started that spread across the campus. A blog entry on Pomona's website goes into more detail, also documenting that soon, Pomona alumni started spreading this meme into Hollywood productions - from "Lost" via "Monsters, Inc." to various JJ Abrams movies - and sci-fi productions: Joe Menosky, as a writer for "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (and later "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager"), started to use 47 pretty much anywhere he needed a number - The 47 Conspiracy is a video that documents that very well, as does the 47 project on Memory Alpha. And the in-joke caught on with production people and fans - even producer Rick Berman said (jokingly) that 47 is "42 adjusted for inflation", pointing to another well-known sci-fi universe. There are also many fan projects, from clubs via websites to podcasts that use the number 47 in some way - even Larry Nemecek's behind-the-scenes deep-dive community is called Portal 47.

When it came to find a name for our merchandise shop project, KaiRo did some brainstorming on names and included a few using the number 47 as well. When Cupro read through that list, he immediately felt like "Trade Post 47" was the one he liked best out of that list. And so, our little space station that serves as a trading outpost has the number "47" painted onto its hull. After all, it probably is the most common number in the universe - and maybe even equal to all integers...

Location and Formal Structure

Our little space station "Trade Post 47" is orbiting a rather unremarkable planet in a rather unimportant spiral arm of this rather normal galaxy, you know. Someone said they may remember the galaxy was called "Milky Way" and the planet was something like "Earth". Or was it "Vulcan"? Or "Draconia"? Maybe "Tarn-Vedra"? "Tollan"? In any case, it's rather more interesting what trading good you can find in the station than where exactly it is located. Once you get there, that is.

As a resident of Earth in the 21st century, what you may interested in though, is that our company, Trade Post 47 GmbH, has its home in Vienna, Austria. We do not have a physical store there, though, you'll only find us online and on away missions at conventions in and around Austria (which we'll announce in our newsletter). We do have an outpost in Großhöflein though (near Eisenstadt) where we store our collection and which you can actually visit to collect ordered products.

Organizationally, Trade Post 47 GmbH is incorporated in Austria, fully owned by KaiRo and Cupro, and a member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO). You can find some additional information along with our Terms & Conditions on this website.

Available payment methods
Online PayPal and prepayment (bank transfer)
In the outpost: card payment or cash

Collection, delivery or shipping
Collection flexible by appointment in the outpost MCO Electronics at Teichäckerweg 1, 7051 Großhöflein, Austria.
UPS Shipping to Austria and Germany, more in progress, costs depend on size and weight.

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